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How to Make Your Glass Shine

Specialty GlassThe upkeep of glass can make your belongings and your property look clean and brand new. That way, when you invest in our specialty glass in West Palm Beach, FL, you will not need to replace them for a long time. The care and craftsmanship we put into our glass-making are long-lasting and sure to make any space, outdoors or indoors, uniquely expressive. Give your home or business a cutting edge component that reflects your distinctive style.


The materials used in specialty glass is what truly sets it apart from the rest. The quality is outstanding and carries with it some unseen advantages. Having specialty glass made can help you minimize the amount of sun and heat that gets into your rooms. So your air conditioning will work better, and you will have a chance at lowering the cost of your electric bill.


Specialty glass can be crafted into different designs and textures at your preference. It can cater to many stylistic aesthetics, as well as any environmental necessity. To name a few versatile types, there are:

  • Opaci – Coat Glass
  • Low Emission Glass
  • Obscure Pattern Glass
  • Back Painted Glass


Our specialty glass can be applied to your exterior windows or interior glass too. Contact us or look at our website for more information!

Add Flair to Your Home’s Entryway With Etched Glass Doors

Glass EtchingGlass is modern, sleek, and beautiful; its transparency allows natural lighting to illuminate your home or business. When you’re remodeling or working on renovations, glass can be fashioned into a style that is unique to you. If you’ve ever walked by a house and admired the intricate details on a door’s glass surface, that would be what is called glass etching in West Palm Beach, FL.


Although popularly used for doors, glass etching is used for cabinets, tabletops, windows, and even stair railings as well. Its versatility lets you be creative when choosing a design that reflects your style. Glass etching also works perfectly for your business; the business name can be etched onto your storefront, as well as your logo. Crafting something on glass has a permanence that harnesses the essence of credibility and establishment. It shows you care about your space, and you’re dedicated to it too.


Your property will have a new authentic, individual touch if you decide to opt for etched glass. It has an elevated elegance that sets an impression you can call your own. For businesses, this can be especially effective when you’re trying to attract a specific crowd. For homeowners, it’s a fabulous method of self-expression. Going the extra mile for detail speaks volumes about your inspiration and commitment to your space.

What Are the Benefits of Impact Doors?

Impact DoorsWhen the wind blows, or burglars come to cause problems, sturdier doors are never a bad idea. That said, these kinds of emergencies aren’t the only times when extra-durable entryways make a difference. In fact, upgrading to impact doors in West Palm Beach offers around-the-clock benefits that might not even occur to most homeowners. Some of the most important include:


Energy Savings — Most impact doors use layers of foam to cushion against sudden blows, but that also makes them much more insulted than traditional models. That means less money spent on temperature control, which translates to savings over time.


Noise Reduction — Tired of hearing every car and gust of wind that goes by? Highly insulated doors can help! They reduce the amount of acoustic pollution that makes it into your space, making it easier to sleep and relax.


Insurance Reductions — Like anything that makes your home safer, these specialized doors can get you a discount with your insurance company. The logic is simple: you’re less likely to need their money when your property is less likely to suffer damage. Added to the savings you get on your energy bill, it’s easy to see why many people think of impact-resistant doors as an investment that eventually pays for itself.

The Advantages of Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact Resistant WindowsWindows can be some of your home’s greatest features — and its most significant vulnerabilities. This is especially true in Florida, where burglars and UV rays exist alongside hurricane-force winds that propel debris at breakneck speeds. The solution for many homeowners? Upgrade to impact-resistant windows in West Palm Beach.


Built to handle a pounding without shattering, these installations could save you thousands of dollars in property damage, or even save your life! To get a good idea of how much they can protect you, let’s look at three situations where the right window makes all the difference.


Rough Weather — From Summer storms to full-on hurricanes, it only takes one gust of wind to propel a tree branch into your window. Normal glass shatters, filling your space with broken shards and exposing it to water damage. Impact-resistant windows stand strong, making your home much safer.


Break-Ins — For the average thief, few things are a more tempting target than an easy-to-access window. At the same time, you need natural lighting in places that might be prime spots for a burglar. Having impact-resistant glass means that even the most enterprising criminal is unlikely to make it into the building.

Custom & Specialty Glass Shower Enclosures for Your Home

Specialty Glass If you were to do one thing to improve your bathroom, what would it be? You may have a few ideas, and so do we. However, one fixture to add to this space that would assure you of elegance, luxury, beauty, and resale value would be installing a frameless glass shower. You’ve seen pictures, and you know how gorgeous they are. With that specialty glass in West Palm Beach, you have turned your bathroom into something worthy of a home decorating magazine.


That almost invisible look opens up the space so this room looks larger. It also gives it a high-end appeal that your family and future potential buyers enjoy. The ability to look through the glass and see the rest of the room through it makes the shower almost seem like a lovely illusion.


The Use of Specialty Glass

Since there is no frame but the glass itself, specialty glass is essential to the manufacturing. The glass must be thick and heavy enough to support its weight. Besides being so pleasing in appearance, glass is much easier to clean than a frame and glass, where the intersection can gum up with soap. To add cleaning convenience, beauty, and resale value to this space, consider a frameless glass shower.