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Invest in Impact Doors & Windows to Save on Insurance

No one enjoys paying for home insurance. It’s just one of those inevitable and unavoidable expenses when owning a house. However, the good news is that there are many steps you can take to lower the premiums that make all your hard-earned cash disappear. Take a minute to learn how you can save on insurance by installing impact windows and impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL.

How You Can Reduce Your Premiums

The first step is the most obvious and the most important: you need to upgrade your exterior windows and doors to hurricane- and impact-resistant models. Then, you should contact a professional who can conduct a wind mitigation inspection on your home and forward the results to the insurance company on your behalf. After that, you should communicate with your insurance company about reducing your premiums. It shouldn’t take long for you to see a decrease.

In fact, according to the Florida Department of Financial Services, average homeowners typically overpay by 22% or more before receiving a wind mitigation inspection. After the inspection, many homeowners save up to 50% on their annual home insurance premiums. It’s that easy.

Contact Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc. for more money-saving information about impact windows and impact doors in West Palm Beach.

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Impact-Resistant Windows Can Improve the Value of Your Home

One of the smartest things you can do to increase your homes value is by investing in impact resistant windows in West Palm Beach, FL. Not only do they add value but impact windows and doors can also make your home a quieter and more efficient place to live.

Impact-resistant windows are a fantastic way to get lots of natural light into your home without sacrificing safety or security. Natural light makes all homes look better, brighter, and more inviting. Getting more natural light sometimes requires getting larger windows. This can, in turn, mean higher energy costs and a greater security risk. Impact-resistant windows are the solution.

Cost Savings

Impact-resistant windows can keep your home cooler over the summer as well as safe and secure during hurricane season. You can also save money on the air conditioning or save time and money by not putting up storm shutters. The average home also loses around 30% of its energy via leaks around windows. By switching to impact-resistant windows, you could save quite a bit over the course of a year.

Less Noise

Unfortunately, its a noisy world out there. Thats where impact-resistant windows can help provide some peace and quiet. They can reduce noise and preserve the serenity of your home, helping it be the sanctuary it should be.

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Signs You Need New Windows

You probably spend more time looking through your windows than looking at them. When was the last time you really considered their condition and age? While windows are built to last, they don’t last forever. Worn-out or outdated windows can lead to problems like poor insulation, moisture issues, and more. So how do you know when it’s time to schedule window replacement in West Palm Beach? Watch out for these signs:

High Energy Bills: Your windows are the easiest points for heat to move through. Bad windows welcome heat in during the summer and let it leak out during the winter. If you’ve noticed a steady climb in your utility bills, your old windows may be the culprit.

Difficult Operation: It shouldn’t be a struggle to open your windows. They should slide with just a bit of force. If they are painted or swollen shut, you’ll struggle to air out your rooms, and it could even become a safety hazard during an emergency. Hire a professional for window replacement before that happens.

Decaying Frames: Since window frames are often exposed to moisture, they tend to decay over time. Not only does this decay look bad, but also it makes your windows even leakier. Severe decay may even pose a safety issue.

Poor Soundproofing: You don’t want people outside to hear your conversations inside, and you don’t want to hear everything going on outdoors when you’re trying to relax indoors. Unfortunately, older or incorrectly installed windows typically lack the soundproofing you need. By undergoing window replacement, you can enhance your privacy and your property value.

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What Separates Impact Doors from Your Everyday Entryway

Impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL, are rising in popularity. If you are considering some improvement projects around the house, then you may want to start by upgrading from a standard, builder-grade entry door. Here are a few ways that impact doors can be a substantial improvement to your property.

Protects the Structure during a Hurricane

The big difference between impact doors and standard entryways is the composition. Standard entry doors are comprised of two steel facings and a wood core, held in place by a wooden or aluminum frame. While such a construction is good enough for everyday use, it can’t hold up to the force of a hurricane.

Impact doors are different since they are purpose-built to withstand the effects of severe weather. They utilize fiberglass skins with wood and composite reinforcements surrounding a polyurethane foam core. The frames also have reinforced hinges.

Thanks to their specialized design, impact doors can withstand the brunt of hurricane-force winds–and the projectiles that can be thrown around by them. Testing for impact doors includes launching 2×4 building studs at high speeds. Standard doorways can’t stand up to these forces.

Guards against Intruders

Home intrusion doesn’t follow a schedule as Hurricane Season does. Break-ins are a constant threat, and it is a concern that affects homeowners frequently. An impact door can help put your mind at ease.

More often than not, burglars attempt to break into homes through the door. If they can’t batter it down, they will try to break the glass near the handle to manually undo the locks.

Since impact doors can withstand the hurricane-force winds, burglars will have a hard time breaking in with brute force. The glass around impact doors is also designed to be more resilient than a standard entryway.

Upgrading to an impact door can protect your home from severe weather as well as home intrusions. When considering your options for a new entryway, start by comparing the services of different window and door contractors.