Custom & Specialty Glass Shower Enclosures for Your Home

Specialty Glass If you were to do one thing to improve your bathroom, what would it be? You may have a few ideas, and so do we. However, one fixture to add to this space that would assure you of elegance, luxury, beauty, and resale value would be installing a frameless glass shower. You’ve seen pictures, and you know how gorgeous they are. With that specialty glass in West Palm Beach, you have turned your bathroom into something worthy of a home decorating magazine.


That almost invisible look opens up the space so this room looks larger. It also gives it a high-end appeal that your family and future potential buyers enjoy. The ability to look through the glass and see the rest of the room through it makes the shower almost seem like a lovely illusion.


The Use of Specialty Glass

Since there is no frame but the glass itself, specialty glass is essential to the manufacturing. The glass must be thick and heavy enough to support its weight. Besides being so pleasing in appearance, glass is much easier to clean than a frame and glass, where the intersection can gum up with soap. To add cleaning convenience, beauty, and resale value to this space, consider a frameless glass shower.