IGU Windows

How to Tell if the Seal has Failed in Your IGU Window

From your comfort to your home’s energy efficiency, having properly sealed windows is an important part of getting the value you deserve. A failure can lead to leaked air and more strain on your HVAC system, costing you untold amounts on your energy bill each month. The easiest solution is often to invest in window replacement in West Palm Beach, but how do you know when to call a contractor? Here’s a quick guide to checking for failed seals around your property:

Get a Clean Start — Detecting a failed seal is a visual process, so you want as little distortion as possible. A quick cleaning helps you see signs of distortion clearly. Plus, it’s a free chore to mark of the to-do list if the window turns out to be fine.

Check for Distortion — IGU windows have inert gasses that tend to leak and cause visual distortions or even damage as a seal degrades. You can spot them by standing back and looking for reflections that seem odd or different from those present in other windows.

Keep an Eye Out for Condensation — Sporadic fogging and hazing can indicate the need for window replacement. If you see condensation between panes of glass, there’s a good chance you’re looking at a seal failure.