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Installing Decorative Glass Behind Impact Glass

There are many advantages of having hurricane impact glass that offers strength and durability, storm protection, security and safety, and even noise reduction. Many new homes are built with impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL. This means clear impact glass installed in the exterior doors, including both entry doors and pool bath or lanai doors.

While the impact doors have obvious benefits, many homeowners do not prefer the clear glass type due to the lack of privacy. However, reputable companies like Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc has a beautiful, effective solution for this challenge.

Many doors and window companies are able to install decorative glass behind your existing impact glass on your doors. They install the decorative glass inside the existing frame on the interior of your doors or home. It is so precisely finished that it looks like it was there from the start. They can install decorative glass behind existing clear glass in impact doors, pool bath doors, and windows, including transom windows above entry doors.

Here are some of the benefits of installing decorative glass behind your existing impact glass:

  • Allows Homeowners to Keep Current Impact Glass Intact
  • Shows Your Individual Style and Taste
  • Adds Privacy to Clear Impact Glass
  • There Are Many Design Options Available
  • Enhances Curb Appeal