technician replacing windows

Signs You Need New Windows

You probably spend more time looking through your windows than looking at them. When was the last time you really considered their condition and age? While windows are built to last, they don’t last forever. Worn-out or outdated windows can lead to problems like poor insulation, moisture issues, and more. So how do you know when it’s time to schedule window replacement in West Palm Beach? Watch out for these signs:

High Energy Bills: Your windows are the easiest points for heat to move through. Bad windows welcome heat in during the summer and let it leak out during the winter. If you’ve noticed a steady climb in your utility bills, your old windows may be the culprit.

Difficult Operation: It shouldn’t be a struggle to open your windows. They should slide with just a bit of force. If they are painted or swollen shut, you’ll struggle to air out your rooms, and it could even become a safety hazard during an emergency. Hire a professional for window replacement before that happens.

Decaying Frames: Since window frames are often exposed to moisture, they tend to decay over time. Not only does this decay look bad, but also it makes your windows even leakier. Severe decay may even pose a safety issue.

Poor Soundproofing: You don’t want people outside to hear your conversations inside, and you don’t want to hear everything going on outdoors when you’re trying to relax indoors. Unfortunately, older or incorrectly installed windows typically lack the soundproofing you need. By undergoing window replacement, you can enhance your privacy and your property value.