The Advantages of Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact Resistant WindowsWindows can be some of your home’s greatest features — and its most significant vulnerabilities. This is especially true in Florida, where burglars and UV rays exist alongside hurricane-force winds that propel debris at breakneck speeds. The solution for many homeowners? Upgrade to impact-resistant windows in West Palm Beach.


Built to handle a pounding without shattering, these installations could save you thousands of dollars in property damage, or even save your life! To get a good idea of how much they can protect you, let’s look at three situations where the right window makes all the difference.


Rough Weather — From Summer storms to full-on hurricanes, it only takes one gust of wind to propel a tree branch into your window. Normal glass shatters, filling your space with broken shards and exposing it to water damage. Impact-resistant windows stand strong, making your home much safer.


Break-Ins — For the average thief, few things are a more tempting target than an easy-to-access window. At the same time, you need natural lighting in places that might be prime spots for a burglar. Having impact-resistant glass means that even the most enterprising criminal is unlikely to make it into the building.