technician preparing replacement windows

The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Windows

Everyone knows that there is no convenient time to replace your drafty, old windows. The truth is, each season has pros and cons that could impact your project; you may be dealing with hot, humid conditions in the summer or freezing cold in the winter. So when should you start your window replacement in West Palm Beach? Well, no matter which season you choose, experienced window replacement professionals will ensure your project goes smoothly. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Winter and Fall

The cold winter months might not seem like the best time to start your window replacement project; however, cold weather projects have some unexpected benefits. Because many homeowners choose the warmer months for similar projects, you may experience less time in between ordering and installation because factories have fewer window orders to fill. You might even get a better cost for your project, as companies often offer competitive deals to attract customers.

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer might seem like the best time of year for window replacement; however, those months come with one major disadvantage: a high spike in demand. Though the temperatures may be more comfortable, you might have to wait longer for your windows to be installed. This could be problematic if you live in a warm area where summer heat and humidity cause your energy bills to skyrocket.