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What Separates Impact Doors from Your Everyday Entryway

Impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL, are rising in popularity. If you are considering some improvement projects around the house, then you may want to start by upgrading from a standard, builder-grade entry door. Here are a few ways that impact doors can be a substantial improvement to your property.

Protects the Structure during a Hurricane

The big difference between impact doors and standard entryways is the composition. Standard entry doors are comprised of two steel facings and a wood core, held in place by a wooden or aluminum frame. While such a construction is good enough for everyday use, it can’t hold up to the force of a hurricane.

Impact doors are different since they are purpose-built to withstand the effects of severe weather. They utilize fiberglass skins with wood and composite reinforcements surrounding a polyurethane foam core. The frames also have reinforced hinges.

Thanks to their specialized design, impact doors can withstand the brunt of hurricane-force winds–and the projectiles that can be thrown around by them. Testing for impact doors includes launching 2×4 building studs at high speeds. Standard doorways can’t stand up to these forces.

Guards against Intruders

Home intrusion doesn’t follow a schedule as Hurricane Season does. Break-ins are a constant threat, and it is a concern that affects homeowners frequently. An impact door can help put your mind at ease.

More often than not, burglars attempt to break into homes through the door. If they can’t batter it down, they will try to break the glass near the handle to manually undo the locks.

Since impact doors can withstand the hurricane-force winds, burglars will have a hard time breaking in with brute force. The glass around impact doors is also designed to be more resilient than a standard entryway.

Upgrading to an impact door can protect your home from severe weather as well as home intrusions. When considering your options for a new entryway, start by comparing the services of different window and door contractors.