Your Guide to Impact-Resistant Windows

Living in Florida means you get to see your fair share of strong storms blowing through the area. One of the most significant risks to you and your home during a hurricane or tropical storm is your windows. While some people might decide to install and uninstall shutters every couple of days, the savviest homeowners give themselves the peace of mind of always being protected by using impact-resistant windows in West Palm Beach.

First-rate hurricane impact windows aren’t just up to the challenge of resisting storm damage, but they also boost the security of your home, reduce energy costs, and can even save money on your homeowner’s insurance. That is because their unique inner-locking system makes them virtually impenetrable, while their specialty glass ensures that they will not shatter.

If you are wondering if an impact-resistant window is strong enough to stand up to a Category 5 hurricane, the answer is yes. The highest-quality windows are designed with the thickest gauge of virgin vinyl construction, including steel-reinforced sashes. That means the best of the best of these windows feature unmatched strength and resistance that can protect you and your property from hurricane-force winds of over 200 MPH.