High-Impact Doors in West Palm Beach

Stay safe in your home when the winds pick up. Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc. provides and installs durable, high-impact doors and windows. Apart from reinforcing your roof, one of the best ways to hurricane-proof your home is by outfitting it with high-impact windows and doors. As a recognized glass company in West Palm Beach, we specialize in helping Florida home and business owners have strong, sturdy, and safe structures. The hurricanes that are so frequent in Florida create the need for homeowners to think smart when it comes to their doors and windows. Do not depend on plywood and storm shutters to keep you safe. Instead, contact us about our strong hurricane resistant windows and doors that weather any storm. Our products are rated for 275 MPH winds and come in many varieties and brands. If you are interested in our doors or windows, schedule a free onsite estimate today.

Doors that Do Not Give In

Can your old door take the pressure when a storm blows? Add a level of security and strength to your home or business with hurricane impact doors in West Palm Beach. Made with impact-rated materials, these doors withstand strong winds, flying debris, and even attempted break-ins by burglars. They are also factory tested for your peace of mind. Since our impact-rated doors do not give in to the onslaught of hurricanes and fierce storms, they keep the air pressure outside – effectively preventing significant damage to your home and roof. Our doors are built to last, and they provide durability and safety to all.

Why You Need High-Impact Windows

Florida is not only known for its sun but also its storms. Every year, Florida property owners are impacted in some way by storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes. You cannot afford not to have high-impact windows. Enjoy immediate protection from Mother Nature when we install our specialty glass in West Palm Beach at your home or business. Take shelter from the storm in a building that has hurricane impact windows. Even though our windows are strong, they do not make you feel like you are living in a bunker. Instead, they are attractive and come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to providing protection against hurricane winds and flying debris, other benefits include:
  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • Possible discounts on insurance premiums
  • Significant noise reduction
  • UV protection
  • Burglary protection
  • Increased home resale value
Contact us to protect your property by letting us install high-impact doors and windows. We proudly serve customers in West Palm Beach, FL, as well as Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties.