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Why You Should Consider Specialty Glass in West Palm Beach

Why settle for regular glass in your home or office when you can have specialty glass in West Palm Beach when it comes time for a replacement?

We’re going to tell you why you should choose specialty glass in this blog post from our experienced team at Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc. As the name implies, this glass includes more than just ordinary windows and mirrors. It is glass that features such examples as impact-resistant windows and etched glass.

Let’s look at what you can get with impact resistance. These windows can stand up to the ferocity of a Florida hurricane while also offering UV and burglar protection and significant noise reduction. The beauty of this glass is that it gives you that security and peace of mind while also looking like ordinary glass. That means you will not get the feeling you are living in a fortress.

Etched and beveled glass is another choice that delivers uniqueness to your home. Beveling the edges of a mirror, for example, gives it an elegant look. Etching a pane of glass can put your own specialized design on it, or you could even have it frosted for privacy.

If you want to discuss the merits of specialty glass further, then please contact us at Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc.